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Windows 11 Pro Retail License

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Windows 11 Retail License

Windows 11 Retail license key allows you to upgrade your current version of Windows to version 11. Product is delivered instantly after payment confirmation.

The purchased license key can only be used for 1 PC. Windows 11, the latest version of the Windows operating system, can be purchased with two different operating system options, 32-bit and 64-bit.

What is Windows 11 Retail?

Windows 11 Pro - Home Retail License, a digital product, offers all the features that can be done with Windows 10 Pro, plus additional features such as virtual machine creation, remote logon, and encryption for business purposes. It is the latest version of the Windows operating system.

Windows 11 Features

In addition to being a fast operating system, Windows 11 protects your data with its high security infrastructure. Cortana in the system is an assistant that helps the user. The assistant, which gets to know the user more and more over time, makes the operating system more useful while keeping security at a high level.

The prominent features of the Windows 11 operating system are;

Advanced encryption,

Remote connection,

Create a virtual machine,

Microsoft Edge,

BitLocker and EFS,

Windows Update for Business,

Mobile Device Management,

Windows 11 retail, which has the ability to divide the screen into four, has a multitasking feature that can display 4 separate windows on the same screen. If too many applications or windows are open on the screen and cannot be controlled, space control can be achieved by using the virtual desktop creation feature.

Windows 11 Advantages

Windows 11 has a personalized system only. The system, which has a user recognition feature, welcomes the user by name with the Windows Hello feature. The user-recognizing system skips the login screen and prevents the user from wasting time typing passwords.

It offers the advantage of playing Xbox One games in the computer environment and allows recording game moves with the DVR feature.

Windows 11 Order

Windows 11 retail can be ordered with 32 and 64 Bit versions. Ordered products are delivered immediately after payment confirmation.

Buy Windows 11

Windows 11 Retail has a very affordable price considering its features and fast performance. With built-in security to protect against malware, Windows 11 provides maximum performance and maximum security.

Windows 11 Installation

When a Windows 11 Retail license key is purchased, there is no need to install the computer from scratch. With the license key, the existing Windows 10 version is upgraded and you can upgrade to Windows 11 in a short time.

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