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Windows Server 2019 Standard

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Windows Server 2019 Standard is the latest server operating system from Microsoft. It has been available since October 2018 and replaces the previous version, Windows Server 2016. As a user, you benefit from many new functions. The new operating system forms the basis for a reliable and efficient IT infrastructure.

New Features in Windows Server 2019

One of the main new functionalities offered by Windows Server 2019 is System Insights. This application is used to monitor and analyze server operation. The fact that this tool uses a machine learning model. It is therefore a nice feature that it independently makes predictions about the performance and stability of the system. It allows problems that arise to be corrected without negatively affecting the operation of the server. The new Windows Admin Center is also very practical. It is browser-based and makes server management easier. There are also a few improvements in the creation of containers. For example, it is now possible to set up a container with Linux infrastructure without the need for a virtual machine for Linux. Another useful feature is the Storage Migration Service. This makes it possible to query the data storage, security and network connectivity settings on all existing servers and transfer them to other volumes. There are also some improvements in terms of security and connectivity to the cloud.

Windows Server 2019 Standard, Essentials and Datacenter: What are the Differences

If you want to buy the Windows Server 2019 operating system, you can choose between three different packages: Essentials, Standard and Datacenter. The differences between these editions are largely the same as with the previous version, Windows Server 2016. The Essentials edition is primarily suitable for small businesses. It provides access for a maximum of 25 employees or 50 devices. But the standard and datacenter editions do not have such restrictions. However, it is necessary to have a separate license for each user. Therefore, these products are suitable for larger companies. The main difference between them is the number of virtual machines. This is limited to two with Windows Server Standard and unlimited with the Datacenter edition.

Buy Windows Server 2019 Standard: Feel the Performance at an Affordable Price

If you want to buy Windows Server 2019 Standard, you can find attractive and affordable prices on Resellmarket.net. In this way, you can bring your IT infrastructure up to date without incurring excessive costs. Our well-thought-out purchasing policy, efficient operational organization and not having to send physical data carriers. We achieve significant savings and pass this on to our customers directly as a price advantage.

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