Kaspersky İnternet Security 2021

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Computer Protection

Each threat type is handled with a specific protection component. You can enable and disable protection components and configure their settings.

In addition to the real-time protection provided by the security components, we recommend that you regularly scan your computer for viruses and other malware. This is necessary to prevent the spread of possible malicious programs that may not be detected by the protection components because the security level is set too low or for other reasons.

To keep Kaspersky Internet Security up-to-date, you need to update the databases and application modules used by the application.

In some cases, specific tasks that need to be performed (such as deleting traces of a user's activities in the operating system) are performed using advanced tools and wizards.


File Antivirus

File Antivirus prevents viruses from infecting the computer's file system. The component starts when the operating system starts, stays in the computer's RAM continuously and scans all files opened, saved or launched on your computer and all connected drives. Kaspersky Internet Security stops every attempt to access any file and scans it for known viruses and other malicious content. This file can then only be accessed if it is not infected or if the virus has been successfully cleaned by the application. If the object cannot be cleaned for any reason, it will be deleted. In case of deletion, a copy of the file is moved to Quarantine. In case an infected file is placed in the location where the deleted file with the same name was previously located, Quarantine saves only a copy of the last file. A copy of the previous file with the same name is not saved.


Email Antivirus

Email Antivirus scans incoming and outgoing email messages on your computer. An e-mail will reach the recipient only if it does not contain dangerous objects.


Web Antivirus

Web Antivirus stops and blocks the execution of threatening scripts on websites. Web Antivirus also monitors all web traffic and blocks access to dangerous websites.


Instant Messaging Antivirus

Instant Messaging Antivirus ensures the secure operation of Instant Messaging clients. This component protects information coming to your computer via IM protocols. Instant Messaging Antivirus ensures the secure operation of various applications used for instant messaging.


Application Control

The Application Control component keeps a log of actions performed by applications in the operating system and manages application activities based on the group to which the component assigns an application. A set of rules is defined for each application group. These rules govern the application's access to various operating system resources.


Application Manager

Application Manager allows you to manage the applications installed on your computer.


Webcam Protection

Webcam Protection prevents unauthorized access to the webcam and notifies you that access has been blocked.



Firewall ensures your security when using the local network or the internet. The component filters all network activities using two types of rules, application rules and packet rules.


Network Monitor

Network Monitor is designed to monitor network activity in real time.


System Monitor

The System Monitor component undoes changes made to the operating system by malware or other application activity.

The component provides protection against malware, for example:

Vulnerability exploitation actions

Screen savers

Encryptors that encrypt data

Ransomware that encrypts data or blocks access to files or the system and demands a ransom to make files available or accessible again.

Disabling this component is not recommended.


Network Attack Blocker

Network Attack Blocker is installed during operating system startup and monitors incoming network traffic for actions typical of network attacks. When an attack attempt on your computer is detected, Kaspersky Internet Security blocks all network activity from the attacking computer.


Anti Spam

Anti Spam scans incoming e-mail messages to determine if they are spam. All messages containing spam are marked with a special header.


Phishing Blocker

Phishing Blocker allows you to check URLs to see if they are on phishing URL lists. This is a component integrated with Web Antivirus, Anti Spam and Instant Messaging Antivirus.


Ad Blocker

Ad Blocker blocks ad banners on websites and app interfaces.


Private Browsing

Private Browsing detects requests sent by the browser to tracking services and will protect you against tracking of your online activity

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