Adobe made several announcements at the Max event, including five new apps it added to its Creative Cloud portfolio: XD for Design, Dimension and Spark. Character Animator for video and Lightroom for photos.

Let's come to XD, Dimension and Spark for design. Adobe XD has been in beta for over a year and although it isn't available in the Windows Store, it's actually a UWP app (at least the one for Windows). "It was built from scratch to quickly prototype and design engaging experiences for mobile, web or any digital touchpoint," the firm says.

As you can guess from the name, Adobe Dimension is a program for 3D designers. The firm says 3D has been "difficult and expensive for graphic designers" until now, but designing this type has been trending lately, with the popularity of virtual and augmented reality.

The company says you can create "impressive graphics, web pages, video stories" in minutes with Adobe Spark. It even creates custom templates automatically.

Finally, Character Animator is no longer beta after a year and a half. Those who follow The Simpsons will remember, in mid-May 2016, a live episode of The Simpsons was broadcast using this software.

All these applications will be coming to Adobe Creative Cloud members soon.